Project Management Professional Test Preparation Software: PM Plus!

PM Plus! assists you in thoroughly preparing for the PMP® Examination[1]. PM Plus! was developed by Advanced Projects, Inc. ( and Business Performance Group, Inc. (

  • Simulates the exact examination environment, with “Back” and “Mark for Review” buttons.
  • The questions have been proven. The PM Plus! questions have been used over the last five years by people who successfully passed the PMP® Examination.
  • More than 800 practice questions are provided. Users can take multiple 200 question practice tests simulating the actual PMP® Examination.
  • Supports the standards and guidelines of the Project Management Institute and the PMBOK® Guide 2000 Edition.
  • Provides several testing modes:
    • Certification Mode-simulating the actual PMP® Examination. User can take multiple practice tests, and select the number of questions (e.g., 20, 50, or 200)
    • Learning Mode-permitting the user to select specific Knowledge Areas (i.e., Categories such as Cost) for testing.
    • Flash Card Mode. User can review key concepts and Knowledge Areas in a self test environment.
  • Tracks your progress by recording and storing practice test results.
  • Specific page reference provided for each answer.
  • Categories include all nine Knowledge Areas and Framework. Users select category for testing.


n addition to using PMBOK Edition 2000, the content of the PMP® Examination also used the PMP® Role Delineation Study to develop questions. PMP® Role Delineation Study defines Domains, Tasks, Knowledge and Skills which a PMP® must know and be able to perform. This study was used in developing the PMP ® Exam. In addition, PMI advises PMP® candidates to read other resources and seek professional experience before attempting to pass the PMP® Examination. For this reason, the developers of PM Plus! used PMBOK 2000 Edition, the Role Delineation Study and other sources (see the Reference list on the last page) to develop questions. Approximately twenty (20) per cent of the PM Plus! questions use other industry established references.


Comparable electronic test packages cost from $200 to $299 per copy. PM Plus is less than one quarter of that!


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