How to get the primary tools essential to your success.

Have you looked at 1,000 plus page project management books, and wondered, "Where do I start?" With our tools, you will have a clear path forward, and the tools to support your needs.


Critical Chain software

Effortlessly plan and control critical chain projects in MS Project.


The process and templates you need to plan and manage your project. You can have confidence that you have everything you need to deliver professional Project Plans.

PM Plus!

Project Management Professional Test Preparation Software. Now updated to revision 3! Pass and the PMP test with complete confidence.




# Workshop Name Duration Attendees Comments
CC-1  Introduction to CCPM  2 Days   Mid level managers  Limit 25
CC-2  CCPM for Project Team Members  4 Hrs   Project teams  
CC-3  Overview of CCPM  1 Hr  Senior  management

& Suppliers

CC-5  CCPM Seminar  4 Hrs  Supervisors  
CC-6  Planning CCPM Implementation  1 Day  Implementation team  CC-1 Prereq
CC-7  CCPM One Day Seminar  1 Day  Project leaders  For those with little time.
PM-1  Chartering Projects  1 Day  Project managers  Business Benefit
PM-2  Developing Effective Project Schedules  1 Day  Schedulers  Critical Path and Critical Chain
PM-3  Project Plans for Successful Projects  2 Days  Project Managers  Product and Process
PM-4  Project Measurement and Control  1 Day  Project Managers  
PM-5  Project Risk Management  1 Day  Project Managers  
PM-5  Project Leadership  2 Days  Project Managers  
PM-6  Project Management Professional  4 Days  Project Managers  PMP Certification
PM-7  Master Modeler (Follows PM-2, or as a stand-alone for competent schedulers)  2 Days  Schedulers  
PM-8  Lean Project Management  4 Days  Project Managers  Four day classroom, Five weeks online
TOC-1  Overview of the Theory of Constraints (TOC)  1 Day  All Managers  
TOC-2  TOC Thinking Process  6 Weeks  Mid level managers  Two-day classroom, Five weeks online.


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