Lean Project Management Coaching

Our approach depends on your goals and the complexity of your system. This is our most comprehensive roadmap, which we help you adjust to your needs:



Small organizations with a few projects only need a few of the steps in the overall roadmap, and things can progress such that you see significant results in a few weeks. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) makes the most immediate difference for organizations that have sound project delivery processes. Larger organizations with more and longer projects take more time. Think in terms of a few months to see results, and huge gains within a year.


If you have looked at this image before you may see one or two additions. One addition is for Pilot Projects. We always do them but did not have it on the Roadmap. The second addition is "Kanban". This is a major breakthrough for organizations where resources perform both project work and non-project work, e.g. support to field operations or products. Please see the Blog for upcomming discussion on it.


Making a quantum leap in performance requires that key management people take different actions than they have in the past. Just as you could not compete on the Olympic ice by reading a book and stepping out there, your team needs to learn some things and develop new skills to deliver world class performance. We will partner with you to provide the material you need, basic training, and coaching and feedback as you improve. We can help you avoid the mistakes that others have made before, and overcome the obstacles unique to your environment. Ulitmate results, of course, depend on how your team members learn an execute the new moves.


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