Lean Project Management: CD Learning

Learn at your own pace with materials developed from our premier Lean Project Management (LPM) training methodology. The modules cover everything about CCPM, plus additional material to demonstrate how the principles of Lean manufacturing can help avoid waste during project delivery. The primary benefits of these modules are:

  • Complete coverage of all elements of single and multiple project CCPM.
  • Learning key Lean concepts, and how to apply them in the context of projects in general, and CCPM in particular.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Learn at your own desk (no travel!)
  • Review as needed.

The modules are:

  1. Plan: Learn the concepts behind LPM, and how to apply the concepts to create a single=project CCPM plan.
  2. Multiproject: Understand how to identify and exploit the constraint to accelerating projects and reducing waste in a multiproject environment.
  3. Behavior: Apply the scientific method to create behaviors supportive of Lean Project Management
  4. Execute: Deploy the measurement and control methods of LPM.


The four modules lead you through all elements of understanding and applying LPM. The modules come on a CD, so you can return to them as often as you need or like. This is by far the least expensive way to learn what others have paid thousands for. The training classes usually are at least $1,200, plus your travel, or a minimum of $12,500 when offered within your company.


Each module starts with learning objectives, contains presentation, exercises, simulations, and learning confirmation. You can take the modules as many times as you wish, on your own schedule. You can go back and review selected parts as you need. Most people take between one and four hours per module. We believe that the modules deliver the same learning as a two-day class, comprising 14 to 16 contact hours, and thus are eligible for that number of Professional Development Units from the Project Management Institute (Category 4 PDUs).


Each CD contains a free copy of our ebook Lean Project Management, and a trial version of our CCPM+ software. Although not required, you can work the exercises with Microsoft Project and CCPM+.


Computer requirements:


The modules require a recent version of Microsoft Windows, and a screen setting of 800x1000.


The modules use sound, so you must have a sound output capability on your PC


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