If you want to complete projects in half the time, all the time, then you need CCPM+; the least expensive multiproject solution!

Although Microsoft Project gets more technically capable and feature rich with every release, it does not do Critical Chain Project Management. (CCPM) plans, and does not enable tracking progress the way you need to implement CCPM. Add CCPM+ to Microsoft Project to:

  • Reduce stress on yourself and project team members
  • Improve work quality by enabling resources to focus on one task at a time
  • Identify the tasks and chains of tasks to focus on
  • Effortlessly insert properly sized feeding and project buffers
  • Simplify project status reporting with automatic generation of buffer reports
  • Enable focused performance on your project tasks with prioritized task lists for your project resources
  • Know precisely when to plan and execute buffer recovery action on your projects
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Do your project teams suffer from projects that are late, over-budget, or unable to deliver full scope? Are your project teams stressed by the lack of success and excessive project changes? You can change all that by moving to CCPM. You can supercharge your project team to achieve unprecedented success.


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Single Project CCPM Planning and Execution





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CCPM+ simply performs all the essential CCPM project management software support you need to plan and execute CCPM projects.

  • Identifies the Critical Chain.
  • Sizes and places Project Buffer, using either of two methods, or a combination.
  • Sizes and places Feeding Buffers.
  • Status with estimate of remaining duration.
  • Reports project status with text buffer report.
  • Enables project tracking and decision making with graphical buffer fever chart.
  • Shows buffer status on Gantt chart with buffer penetration and color.
  • Provides multiproject task priority.


Unique features of CCPM+

  • Development guided by Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • Development guided by author of Critical Chain Project Management.
  • Least cost multiproject capability.
  • Milestone buffer.
  • Extensive HELP.
  • Undo.
  • Menu icon order control.
  • Supports Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Enables MS Projectâ„¢ controls over resource leveling (e.g. priority sequencing).
  • Flexible resource support:
    • Multiple types of resources on a task.
    • Multiple number of resources of each type.
    • Partial resource loading.
    • Durations down to MS Project minimum.
  • Manually over-ride critical chain selection.
  • Critical chain and project buffer filter.
  • Visible buffer penetration on Gantt chart.
  • Gantt chart buffers change color with buffer status.
  • Resource filter.
  • Prioritized resource task list (only CC software in this price range to offer this!).
  • Update with remaining duration.

MS Project 2007 and earlier versions of CCPM+ (3.x and less) generally supported windows language support  for English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese...but your MS Project language must match your Windows version. MS Project 2010 version and later by Advanced Projects will only support English versions. Contact us for resellers with other languages.


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CCPM+ inserts into MS Project (2002 or greater), giving you a simple toolbar to plan, execute, and control your project.

You can run your trial copy of CCPM+ for 60 days without activation. You must purchase CCPM+ in order to activate it. If you are here to activate, be sure to run MS Project, and access the CCPM+ Help menu within MS Project under Tools/CCPM+/Help/ to obtain your machine code. (This works even after your icons have gone dim from exceeding the trial time.) Copy that code (Using Control-C), and paste it into an Email to Advanced Projects, Inc. We will provide you the activation code as soon as possible.

If you would like a trial copy on CD, please send us an Email with your mailing address.

Identifying the critical chain is as simple as pushing a button: Various filters help you:



User selectable colors define critical chain and buffer status. Buffers Buffers change color based on status.





As you input status, CCPM+ tracks task status and buffer penetration with the Gantt graphic and two buffer reports. The buffers change color
CCPM+ outputs your status using buffer tables and a buffer chart. The regions on the chart provide action guidance to the project team:

  • Green: No action.
  • Yellow: Plan buffer recovery.
  • Red: Implement buffer recovery.

The ordinate is the percentage of project buffer consumed. 100% consumption means that the project competes on time. The abscissa is the percent of critical chain used: 100% corresponds to project completion. You can tell at a glance how the project is doing, and the performance trend. Latest version provides user selectable green/yellow/red thresholds.

CCPM+ is the only single project critical chain tool in its price range to provide prioritized task lists for each resource. This report helps resources avoid bad multi-tasking by answering, "Which task do I work on next?"


CCPM+ includes a comprehensive Help file, explaining the CCPM process and how to best use the software.


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I need your help to answer this question. How much money are you going to save by completing your projects in half the time? How much more money is your company going to make by having the project results in half the time? How much more money is your company going to make by getting out twice the projects with the same level of resources? If you sum those numbers, that is how much CCPM+ is worth to you. Your cost would be how much the purchase price of CCPM exceeds that number. (Hint: it is going to be a much, much smaller price than what you will save. The right question is, "How much is CCPM+ going to make me?" Click on the button below to see the purchase information.




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PS: I have used all of the other CCPM software before spending my money on developing CCPM+. Development cost much, much more than you are going to pay for it. I did that because, as a Project Management Professional (PMP), I found that the other offerings overlooked necessary key elements of project management. CCPM+ keeps all of those elements.


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