Critical Chain Project Management

Purpose: Knowledge and procedures to develop Critical Chain project plans and to apply Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).



For project teams needing to get projects done in less time, all the time, Critical Chain Project Management provides the method to create unprecedented project success. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) manages the uncertainty that causes project failure and project team stress. Unlike complex 1,000 page books reiterating complicated methods that haven't worked for forty years, Critical Chain Project Management helps you focus on the vital few things that ensure project success.

Critical Chain Project Management provides practical procedures to build and use CCPM plans. It provides a straightforward explanation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) underlying CCPM. The text includes many figures and examples that enhance understanding. Hundreds of project teams have already used CCPM to achieve new performance levels, while improving team satisfaction. University classes use Critical Chain Project Management as a text.


Critical Chain Project Management provides a basic reference for anyone interested in improving project success. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Project managers
  • Project team members
  • Managers of project managers
  • Project stakeholders, including customers.
  • Managers with workers assigned to project teams
  • Educators teaching project management
  • Consultants and other specialists

Don't miss out on the first real improvement in project management in over forty years. You'll wonder how you ever managed without CCPM.




Reader's Comments

"I have seen a copy of your book when I was at the institute recently...a great job.."


"I finished reading your book today, great material." (Texas Instruments Software Project Manager)


A letter to Dr. Goldratt from the Director of the Wide Body Aircraft Division of Israel Aircraft Industries,
"...we succeeded to drop our average Turn Around Time per Aircraft Visit from three months to two weeks, and to increase our backlog from two months to one year."


A Computer Program Project Manager from Texas Instruments writes:
"I kept going back to your chapter on creating the project, and found that everything worked just as you said it would. We completed the Critical Chain Project in less than half the time."

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